Gems’ Fisher Coming Off National Title

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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Klamath Falls Gems outfielder Nick Fisher has had an incredible year on the diamond. He’s hitting .280 as the Gems’ every day outfielder, but prior to coming to Klamath Falls, he was a key part of Linfield’s first ever NCAA National Championship in baseball. Fisher hit .370 with six home runs and 47 RBI for the Wildcats, who beat Southern Maine for the title back in late May.

“You tell me my junior year of high school, where I wasn’t really playing a lot, if you tell me that I would be a national champion at Linfield, a part of me would have believed you, but at the same time I would have been, “Really? You think so?”, said Fisher.  “It’s been a month and a half since we’ve won it and still every day that I think about it, I’m just like, jeeze, that really happened. I couldn’t have scripted it any better.”

Fisher also had the  unique experience of being coached by a former World Series MVP. Former Oakland A’s and New York Yankees third baseman Scott Brosius is the head coach for the Wildcats.

“When I got in as a freshman, a week before fall ball started, I was hitting in the cages and he happened to be there,” said Fisher. “He started giving me advice hitting advice and the whole time I was so in awe. Scott Brosius is giving me hitting advice right now, this is wild.”

Fisher is from Lake Oswego and will return to Linfield for his junior season next year.