Gathering For Child Abuse Awareness

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Families and community members are hoping to shed light on child abuse in Jackson County and one woman is using the memory of her daughter to inspire others.

Michelle Lunsford said being able to tell her story is a way to help raise awareness for child abuse. Her two-year old daughter, Kacy, died in 2010, and Lunsford’s boyfriend was convicted of murder by abuse.

Lunsford attended a rally at Vogel Plaza today for Jackson County’s Child Abuse Network. She said being able to share stories of abuse and neglect can get people talking about the subject, and help keep them aware of the signs of abuse.

Representatives from Medford Police, the District Attorney’s Office, and Medford Schools were also in attendance and Lunsford says it allows them to use their positions to make a difference.

“Intertwines the community and their job. When people see the leaders out here, even just being here in the crowd, it’s nice to know that they care,” Lunsford said.

This is the fifth year that advocated have gathered in Vogel Plaza to speak out against child abuse. According to the most recent data, 810 local children were victims of some form of abuse. Organizers passed out pinwheels and asked participants to drop pennies in the plaza to represent those victims.