Gas Leak Prompts School Evacuation

School EvacuationMEDFORD, Ore. — Abraham Lincoln Elementary school was evacuated for a short time on Wednesday morning following reports of a gas leak.  Medford Fire and Rescue arrived on scene and investigated the stench.  Fire crews found the gas smell was coming from somewhere in the cafeteria and called Avista.

Avista used their special gas detection equipment to detect the leak.

“They will just go around all of the plumbing, both inside and outside, where the main meter comes into the school to see if they have any active leaks,” said Capt. Sean Fey with Medford Fire and Rescue.

The gas levels were determined to be low, and students were let back into the school within minutes of the evacuation being issued.

Fire officials said the school took the proper precautions by evacuating the students and calling 911.