Funds Cut for OSU Extension

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Jackson County’s OSU Extension service is likely closing. The county’s budget committee approved cuts last week that would eliminate funding for the program.

As many as 37 employees will lose their jobs, or will at least have to work in a different county. The county will also lose services like education for local growers and gardeners. This includes the extension’s 4-H youth education program, which serves roughly 4,000 kids in the county.

“It is an incredible experience to develop responsibility and a sense of community and skills that may lead them to vocations or hobbies. And they’re gone. That opportunity is gone,” said Extension Agent Anne Manlove.

The extension says if nothing changes they will remain open for the rest of the year and will close sometime between September and December. Their extension and experimentation committee meets April 24th to discuss next steps.

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  1. Judi Maxwell says:

    While I am not knowledgeable about Jackson County’s financial woes I would hope that the County Officials will consider the positive economic impact that the many small farms and vineyards have on the local economy plus the additional benefits these generate for tourism. Many of the owners of these businesses can attest to guidance from the Extension Service in helping them establish environmentally and economically sound business ventures. I don’t know of any program that provides the County with more bang per buck than the Extension Service. If anything, the County should be looking to expand its agricultural sector and should see the Extension Service as invaluable in facilitating this growth.

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