Funding Adds School Days To Medford District

By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD, Ore. — After a year of budget deficits and cutbacks, state funding has come through for one Southern Oregon school district; it’s money that was found in last years budget.

This new funding means teachers at North Medford High School and all across the district will receive two days for professional development and two for prep time. School district officials say the district faced big cuts last year.

Employees took an 8% reduction in compensation as teachers took an eight-day cut. The previously contracted 190 school days were reduced to 182. Superintendent Dr. Phil Long says these cuts were made with the agreement to bring back days if the money became available. The district is now receiving an adjustment of about $850,000, money that was owed after numbers showed the district had more students entitling them to larger funding.

The newly adopted school calendar also adds a two week spring break in 2013, but school district officials say even with the new funding they will still be spending a substantial amount of their reserves; if they do so, this coming year and the following they will not have any funding left.

School district officials say they will be turning to staff and the community for input on new and innovative ways to ensure future funding.