Fugitive Caught In Grants Pass

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A Grants Pass fugitive who detectives said was eluding police for several months was finally caught on Friday morning. Grants Pass officers and the SWAT team took every precaution approaching the 190 block of Lewis Lane on Friday.

Dozens of officers surrounded his home watching to see if 27-year-old Collins was inside. Then, officers noticed he was watching them. Two surveillance cameras were set up outside of Collins’ apartment complex. The team quickly shot those out.

Law enforcement officers combed through his apartment and ended up finding him in an unexpected location: they ended up finding him in a hole he cut out in his stairs. Collins was uninjured and taken into custody, officers believe he is linked to a robbery involving drugs back in April and Collins’ arrest is a relief to not just law enforcement, but also his neighbors.

During the stand-off Collins’ pitbull tried attacking the officers. They shot the dog in defense and it did not survive the gunshot wounds. Investigators also seized some of Collins’ property while they searched his home. Collins is lodged at the Josephine County Jail.