Fueling an Olympic Athlete

“A lot more like the first few days I realized I hadn’t eaten this much in forever,” Breanna Sapienza said about her diet while training for the Olympic Trials. “I can’t eat this much anymore. I wasn’t hungry. I get to the point where I’m like, I don’t want to eat.

But she has to in order replenish all the calories she burns every day in the pool.

“Well we’re working very hard and you’re destorying alot of cells working at that level. So they say you need one gram of protein per pound of body weight,” said Robin Brickenden, Sapienza’s swimming coach.

That means its protein galore. Six egg whites for breakfast at home, two chicken breasts for lunch at school and then some variation of chicken for dinner. It’s a recipe asking to be made fun of by friends at lunch time.

“Every single day they’ll be like oh, chicken. They’ll make fun of it,” Sapienza said. But these are the same friends who boast to others about Sapienza’s accomplishments because you wont find her doing that.

“They’re like my cheerleading squad. They’ll go up to people and be like oh she did this and this and this and it’s like ok thanks. I don’t usualliy like to tell people oh this is what i’ve done because thats not really who I am. I want to be represented as humble and I don’t want to look prideful to people, like oh this is what I’ve accomplished and I’m better than you. I dont want to seem like someone who’s prideful and arrogant.

And that is a recipe to be admired no matter what happens at the Olympic Trials on June 25th.