Frost Tonight Then Back to Warm Weather

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Today will be coolest day we’ve seen in the last week and tonight a strong inversion will develop leading to the coldest night we’ve seen in over a week for the west side valleys. The cold night on tap has lead the NWS to issue a Freeze Watch for early tomorrow morning for all of our southern Oregon and Siskiyou county valleys as temperatures could drop to 29 degrees for our coldest spots leading to areas of frost and scattered areas of freezing conditions. Be sure to protect any sensitive vegetation and bring indoors and outdoor plants if possible; remember to make sure any outdoor animals have unfrozen drinkable water.

High pressure will build in as will the thermal trough over California ushering in the warm weather from the southwest starting tomorrow and through the week. The Chetco Effect at the coast will develop today causing Brookings to warm 10 to 15 degrees more than the rest of the south coast. This will be the set up for much of the workweek ahead. We’ll also see winds increasing through the day and persisting into tomorrow. For the coast, ridges, and the east side we could see gusts up to 30 to 35 mph, for the valleys winds will be closer to 10 to 20 mph, but the foothills could see winds up to 25 mph. These winds coupled with cooler temperatures means today will be feeling much colder than what we’ve been seeing for the last week.

The thermal trough we saw last week will reach into our area starting tomorrow and really ramping up for the rest of the week warming temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above normal…just like last week.

With warm, dry and windy conditions setting up remember to wear sunscreen, drink lots of water and dress cool when spending time outdoors and keep fire safety in mind.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry