Freezing Temperatures Overnight

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First Day of Spring

With the mild winter that we’ve experienced this year, orchards are seeing early blossoms on their fruit trees. Cooler air has moved in to the area and could affect these crops. A lack of cloud coverage and a cold pool of air sitting over our area will combine to bring very cold overnight temperatures. A FREEZE WARNING will begin Friday at 2 a.m. and last until 9 a.m. Temperatures will drop down anywhere from 24 degrees to 28 degrees. This will affect orchards in the Applegate, Bear Creek, and Shasta Valleys and the coldest temperatures experienced in the Illinois Valley. A shallow warm air inversion will sit just a few hundred feet off the surface. Therefore, wind machines should be used to mix the cold air with the warm air aloft. Saturday will see similar temperatures and a FREEZE WATCH is set to go into effect at 2 Saturday morning. This could be upgraded to a Warning by tomorrow.

Winds are also picking up along the coast and will persist throughout tonight. High pressure is causing a northerly flow of sustained winds anywhere from 15-35 mph. This is not a full-blown Chetco event because of north winds. If winds shift to the east we could see the Chetco come in to play.

The rest of this week and the weekend will see similar conditions with cold overnight lows and warm afternoon highs. The next active weather pattern will move in by mid-next week. A storm system will increase cloud coverage Tuesday night and then drop overnight showers and rain on Wednesday.

Thanks for logging on and enjoy the First Day of Spring!

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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