Free Swim Lessons for 2nd Graders

MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s a lesson experts say everyone should learn, now one organization wants kids learn it the right way. 

Research shows if a child does not learn to swim by second grade they will most likely never learn, and that skill could be the difference of life or death for children. The Medford YMCA offers a variety of swim programs and recently, the organization is offering free swimming lessons to any second grader.

The YMCA received a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation. Through this funding the organization is providing this free class and scholarships to help low-income youth and adults so they can also learn how to swim.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports fatal drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths for kids aged one to 14 years old.

One parent has her oldest child signed up for YMCA’s free class, “I’ve known kids who have drowned, so I just think its an essential part of life.”

Katie Bell also says, “And summer’s not that far away so we want to get kids learning how to swim, so they are nice and safe and they can enjoy the rivers, lakes and the beautiful nature we have here in Southern Oregon.”

For more information on this free class or on the variety of swimming programs offered head to YMCA’s website.