Yreka Officials Give Sandbags for Floods

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YREKA, Calif. – The northern part of California is expected to get heavy rain in the next couple of days. Siskiyou County officials are handing out free sandbags at multiple locations to help prepare residents for possible floods.

County officials are noticing the rivers and creeks in the northern part of Yreka starting to rise. One location where residents can pick up sandbags is at the Siskiyou County Road Department.

The sand bags are an out-of-pocket cost for the county. Sand runs from 14 to 30 dollars a yard, but county officials want to make sure residents have this resource available.

“We’d like to have people actually wait until they feel like they’re really going to need them, instead of having an influx of people in the anticipation that they’re going to need them, and not need them at all, and then they have them stacked around,” said Randy Cuningham, the Director of the Department of General Services.

There’s 9 locations where county officials are handing out free sandbags. Click here for other locations.