FOTAS Works on Adopting Pit Dogs

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PHOENIX, Ore. — Volunteers are working to get several pit bulls adopted after spending several months in the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

The newly founded “pit crew” works with the hard-to-adopt breed six days a week. Through donations, “Friends of the Animal Shelter” – or FOTAS – has also been able to bring on a trainer.

That trainer is teaching the dogs impulse control, to be respectful, and follow commands. It’s all part of the effort to get the pit bulls and pit mixes permanent homes.

“Top dogs are high energy hard to adopt. If they’re doing something that frightens an adopter away, they’re going to stay here longer and they’re not going to be adopted,” explained Bridget Davies, a certified professional dog trainer.

FOTAS has also launched its “Top Dog” Program. It reduces adoption fees for four specific dogs and provides two free training sessions with a certified dog trainer. The program is being completely funded by donations.