Former Homeless Members Sweep Streets

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Former members from the homeless community are turning their lives around by going back to the streets.

Every person who stays at the men’s Gospel Rescue Mission rotates to sweep the streets downtown.  The mission wants to send a message to the public.

“We want to distinguish that the people that live at the Gospel Rescue Mission are not the general rabble razors downtown. These are the people that contribute to their own well being. They contribute to their own existence,” said coordinator, Brian Bouteller.

Matt Miller used to live at the mission. He’s now working for Reaching Our Community food pantry.

“I was just down and out of a job. I had a lot of things going on. didn’t want to do anything. I was at my lowest peak. Now I’m at the point where I’m stable again and back into the community and trying to help other people,” said Miller.

Through the work and lessons he learned at the mission, he’s now able to help more in the community.

“We hand out 35 to 40 thousand pounds of food a month,” said Miller.

The men’s Gospel Rescue Mission also helps clean the fairgrounds and for other city events.


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  1. Roy Hale says:

    As a former chapel leader at the Gospel Rescue Mission I had the honor to lead many men spiritually. I found that some had lost hope for a time and were now rebuilding their lives.

    This is a place where a person can gather themselves and get a foothold in life. These are good men and it was an honor being allowed to share spiritual things with them. We grew together.

    Roy Hale

  2. Desiree says:

    I think this is great. It serves so many purposes. Yes, it shows the community that these men are not only desiring to rebuild their lives, but willing to work hard to do it. It also has to be a self esteem booster, too. It can be pretty hard on a person’s pride to be down and out, having to ask for this kind of help. You lose part of your inner dignity, and nothing gives that back to a man like having the ability to work for what he’s getting. Good job, guys!

  3. Tanya says:

    recently a friend of mine I had met and was eventually living at the mission along with the rest of his family his fiance and 2 children. When he came here they had very little. Someone just told them to go to Grants Pass.

    This man told me…”I think the City of Grants Pass and especially the Mission has saved my life”. He told me his path was going downhill..he had no prospects, no real belief in himself, not a clue how to make a marriage work after they got married, lost when it came to being a man who functioned in society instead of against it.

    At the mission they required people to not just be there for a handout. They were there for a hand up. The pastor who was at the church he chose to attend (the mission allows everyone to choose their own) also helped him so much to become more of a man worth having as a husband and a father.

    REcently he had to leave due to family need in another state but he left saying he was better for having been here.

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