Former Duck Player Complains About Fans

autzenEUGENE, Ore. — A former Oregon Duck football player wrote a letter about fan behavior at Autzen Stadium after sitting in the stands.

His letter was published in the Portland newspaper, The Oregonian. In it, he shares what he saw and heard at last week’s game during his first time as a spectator in the stands.

He states in the letter, “I love the Ducks. I hate Duck fans.” It goes on to talk about the fans around him that he says used foul language and continually criticized everyone from players to coaches.

Fans had mixed reactions to the letter. Some say they agree with the anonymous writer, and some say fans can’t be generalized.

“At first it’s cool, but then it gets belligerent and obnoxious,” said Springfield resident Billy Gass.

“We’re all supposed to be there cheering them on, not fighting each other. So for those people, yeah, I agree with what he said. For those screaming for the Ducks, I hope more of those people show up,” said Springfield resident Damon Gathright.

Fans say they would like to see more people toned down the negativity towards the home team and just have fun. The letter was published Tuesday by The Oregonian’s sports columnist John Canzano. According to Canzano, another player sent a similar letter, but it has not been published yet.

To read the full letter, click here.

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  1. Floyd says:

    If it was not for the fans nobody would pay attention to this nobody. Probably was not born in oregon he lives in Portland the scourge of Oregon.

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