Former Ashland Club Owner Arrested

IVERSONMUGASHLAND, Ore. — A former club owner in Ashland appeared in court for reportedly using drugs to solicit sex from minors.

Christopher Iverson faces 28 charges of sexual abuse and drug delivery, and that list is growing.

Iverson was arrested this month after a three-year long investigation into illegal activity that apparently happened at his former club Culture Works. He made his first appearance in court Monday on charges of rape, sexual abuse, sodomy, endangering a minor, and more.

According to Ashland Police, Iverson offered MDMA, also known as Molly, and marijuana in exchange for sexual favors, mostly from high school-aged girls. He apparently did this during “after parties” at his business. Ashland Police says the investigation took three years because of the nature of these alleged crimes is difficult for victims to discuss.

“We will not pressure victims to tell us things right away. We work with victims, we work with advocacy, and allow victims to work with advocacy to tell us what they’re comfortable telling us when they’re comfortable telling us,” said Corey Falls, Deputy Chief.

Iverson’s bail is currently set at a million dollars, and he’ll appear for a preliminary hearing in Jackson County on Jan. 13.

He also apparently has a history of criminal misconduct out of state. In 2010, he was arrested near Salt Lake City by Homeland Security. According to reports there, he was flying marijuana in from California with intent to distribute.

Ashland police say they suspect there are more victims in this case that have not come forward. They also suspect the list of charges will grow. They’re encouraging anyone who believes they were victimized to come forward.