Forecasting for the Firefight

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GLENDALE, Ore. — One of the keys in fighting the fire in our area is correctly forecasting the weather, which is why an “incident meteorologist” has been called out to each of the major fires burning throughout Southern Oregon.

The specially-trained National Weather Service meteorologists come from throughout the nation. They say their job is especially important when a fire is as large and complicated as the Douglas Complex.

Along with forecasting the natural elements including winds, rains, and temperatures, the meteorologists also have to consider the fire.

“A large enough fire that puts enough heat…can create its own wind, its own weather…that’s what makes forecasting on fires challenging,” Scott Weishaar, an Incident Meteorologist from the National Weather Service.

Incident meteorologists were also called out to the Big Windy and Whiskey Complexes, as well as the Labrador Fire.