Foothill Road Set to Expand

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The City of Medford and Jackson County have made separate plans to make certain sections of Foothill Road four lanes with bigger shoulders and bike lanes.

Jackson County road official, Mike Kuntz, said they are aware of the dangers of the road and understand driver frustration.

“To the typical driver, it’s going to feel like a very narrow road. It’s just straight enough that it encourages people to go a pretty good speed, but it’s not straight enough be a fast driven road,” said Kuntz.

Breana Dowling travels the road frequently and said she would like to see improvements.

“It’d be nice to have two lanes on each side to cut down on the congestion,” Dowling said. “It’d make it a lot easier to drive out here.”

Since 2010, more than 60 accidents have been recorded on Foothill Road. The most recent wreck was on Sunday and a woman died at the hospital after the accident.

Though Jackson County said this project is a top priority, Kuntz said it is a costly job, and could take more than a decade to complete.