Food Donated to Kids in Need

food drive 4MEDFORD, Ore. — Students in the Medford School District will be on winter break starting next week. One local church and volunteers have teamed up to make sure students at one elementary school won’t go hungry while away from the classroom.

Volunteers have gathered at the First Church of the Nazareen in Medford to put together bags of food for students at Roosevelt Elementary to take home with them during winter break.

Currently more than 300 students or 80 percent of the school, are eligible for free or reduced meals. Volunteers from the church, school and community are filling bags full of food donated by the community.

Bags of fruit, vegetables and protein will be sent home with students tomorrow after an assembly and event organizers say it’s important each student receives a bag of donated food.

“The Naz partnered with Roosevelt and we decided to make a food bag for each student at Roosevelt because we didn’t know which kids needed it and which kids don’t, so we just decided to make it ofr everyone,” explained Event Coordinator Karen Greene.

Organizers say the food bill came to about 2,000 and Winco assisted them in filling in some additional food and Albertsons helped supply the bags.

Organizers hope this may be a relief to some families who may be struggling this time of year and hope it spreads some holiday cheer.