Food Bank Struggles To Keep Up

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Josephine County Food Bank is sending packets to residents in the mail, asking for donations.

Right now, the food bank is struggling to keep up with high demand. Two of the county’s food banks aren’t open as often, because there’s not enough food to offer and one pantry in Selma had to close all together.

Volunteers say recent supplemental nutrition assistance program or snap cuts are making it even harder for families to get food.

“Things just aren’t better for families living here. We serve a little over 4,000 kids a month. That’s roughly the population of Grants Pass High School and so those kids need food and they’re running out> Susan Scheufele with the Josephine County Food Bank.

That’s 4,000 kids only; the food bank serves a total of 12,000 people in the county. Right now the food supply from the USDA is not as reliable as usual.

So anyone interested in helping purchase staple foods can contact the food bank at 541-479-5556.