Fog & Unseasonably Cool

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A cold front will be move through the region today and as it goes it will be weakening so although there is a chance for showers, it is a slight chance. The best chance for showers will be at the coast, Coast Range and Cascades, and further east. Any showers that do fall will be light and depending on how fast this front moves through the area the chance for showers will be gone by midnight, so most areas will be dry for any New Year’s Eve celebrations with the best chance for a midnight snow flurry will be on the east side of the Cascades. However, if the system continues at it’s current pass, we’ll see dry conditions at midnight, however we’ll have a better chance for fog. High pressure is building in strong behind this next system which again is the setup to see fog, and with cold temperatures that means freezing fog.

Freezing fog can create slick roadways as it creates frosty road conditions, especially over bridges and overpasses and with fog that means reduced visibility. I suggest leaving extra time for travel so you can spend time defrosting your windshield, and also drive more slowly. Remember to keep your headlights on even after the sun comes up so that other drivers can see you coming more easily. Fog and unseasonably cool temperatures will be with us through midweek when our next chance for showers comes on Thursday.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry


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  1. carol says:

    What happened to Milt Radford? The new weather lady never shows the lows for Klamath Falls.

  2. Barb says:

    Is it really snowing right now in Medford?

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