Fog & Low Clouds, Peaks of PM Sun

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Fog developed and lifted into a low cloud deck over the Rogue and Shasta Valleys on Friday.  Low clouds and fog will be present through the weekend, as high pressure high above the ground warms the air at mountain top levels…and traps colder air in the valleys.  The high pressure zone will move ever so slowly eastward, so that by Tuesday it will be east or Medford and a fairly cold Gulf of Alaska storm system will drop into Southern Oregon and Northern California late Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by another cold front Friday and Saturday at the end of next week.  These storms will present winter travel issues of snow over Siskiyou and Sexton Summits; as well as Diamond Lake and Lake of the Woods. 

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  1. judy beaumont says:

    Will we get to view the Lunar eclipse on the 13th ?

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