Fog Keeps Temperatures Cool

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Temperatures will stay on the cooler side into the second half of the weekend across the Valley. Fog and low lying clouds will not be going anywhere anytime soon, the way things look right now. This is going to keep highs in the 30’s through all of next week.

The high pressure air mass continuing to bring this dry weather to our region will slowly begin breaking down into the coming days. This won’t change the weather in West Side Valleys but will elsewhere. More clouds will move in across the rest of the forecast area into this next work week.

Isolated showers will develop across the state on Tuesday, most of the activity should be off to the North however I have added isolated showers for all areas to account for this potential. Dry weather will continue through Wednesday & Thursday (including dense fog in valleys) before the first front in several weeks will move into Southern Oregon bringing scattered to widespread showers.

Computer models are bringing this front in on Friday as of right now. Because this is a good five/six days out, it’s certainly possible this may change. Snow levels do look fairly high and this still is no impressive storm. It will though, be the first wet weather we’ve seen in a while. For now, we’ll see where the models continue to take it in the coming days.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese



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  1. Margaret Bell says:

    We live in East Medford near Asante hospital. We have white on the ground, on the roof, etc. Is it “freezing fog/ice fog” or from the airport seeding program?


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