Fog Blankets Rogue Valley

MEDFORD, Ore. – A thick blanket of fog covered much of Southern Oregon Tuesday night, reducing visibility for drivers.

Tow trucks were on the scene of a crash on Highway 238 at Hanley Road, as a pickup truck went off the roadway amid the thick fog. The highway was shut down for a short time and crews diverted traffic away from the site. Tow truck drivers on scene did not have any details about the nature of the crash.

Drivers Tuesday night said they had concerns after seeing images of last week’s massive fog-related pileup in Texas. Rogue Valley drivers said they were keeping to a simple motto: keep your distance and stay alert.

The Oregon Department of Transportation says if you have to drive in the thick fog, always leave extra space between vehicles and slow down. They urge drivers to not use high beams, because they disperse in thick fog and make visibility even worse.