Flu Hits Talent Elementary Hard

TALENT, Ore. — The flu has been spreading across the country and across the state, now it appears it is spreading through school hallways.

Talent Elementary School is seeing twice as many illness related absences this year as the same time last year. Students were sent home with a letter Monday explaining to parents the spread of the flu at Talent Elementary.

Last Thursday, school officials say they noticed a spike in the number of illness related absences. Over the past few days, the school has averaged about 70 to 75 students staying home out of the 500 or so students at the school.

Last year at this time, the school averaged around 30 absences a day. Talent Elementary School Nurse Shauna Gargus recommends parents have their child stay home if they’re not feeling well. Once the school noticed the spike, school officials contacted the Jackson County Health Department and had the school building extensively cleaned over the weekend.

Gargus recommends both students and adults to get the flu shot. Teachers also have gone over proper hand washing techniques and the importance to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.