Flowers of Hope For Cancer Survivors

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MEDFORD, Ore. — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The month may be ending soon, but for local breast cancer patients, support in their fight comes year round.

They’re just shards and scraps of glass, but the big picture is a lot more. Back in 2007, Ruth Klaus was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before her second surgery and radiation, she chose one of the panels hanging in Asante Women’s Imaging Center.

“It would be the first thing I would see in the morning and it would just remind me because the colors are so bright and with the red trim it was just so uplifting to see,” Ruth recalled.

The panel that normally hangs in Ruth’s kitchen, is just one of the hundreds of panels, made and handed out over the past seven years, since Jessy Carrara’s “Flowers Of Hope” Project began.

“We have recieved so many great letters and cards from people and every time you get a card, ‘Oh gosh I need to go do another panel,'” said Jessy Carrara, who is also the owner of Light Garden Glass Art.

Out of her light garden glass art studio, Jessy teaches people how to sprinkle cut and position glass to create a message of hope. It’s something even 9-year-old Saige and 12-year-old can take part in.

But one of Jessy’s many students may understand the importance of these panels even more: Ruth, five years after receiving her own panel, now uses glass to make panels for other women fighting the same fight she did.

You can create your own panel for women fighting breast cancer for $10 at Light Garden Glass Art in Medford or at Cutting Edge Stained Glass in Grants Pass.