Storm Causes Flooding In Brookings

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BROOKINGS, Ore. – Some places in Brookings have seen as much as 10 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. The downpour caused the Chetco River to flood over the bank and left feet of water in the At Rivers Edge RV Resort early Tuesday morning.

Some residents say they don’t have flood insurance because it isn’t offered for their location on the Chetco River. One resident says flooding here is not uncommon, but believes it’s never been this severe in her 28 years of living there. Creeks and rivers are swelling and flood damage is being seen across our area. Residents of at Rivers Edge RV Resort returned to see what was left of their homes Tuesday afternoon after evacuating the area Monday.

One resident of At River’s Edge, Guy Barnes, took a look at what was left inside his home and thinks everything is a loss. Barnes said earlier Tuesday morning the water level was more than hip deep. Barnes’ neighbor, Megan smith and her husband, had just moved in from Nevada three months ago. They took their pets and RV with them when they were advised to evacuate Monday morning. She said the extent of the flooding caught her off guard.

Smith said flood insurance wasn’t available along the Chetco River and although it could be worse, she is still trying to pick up the pieces. Barnes’ home was flooded earlier this year however only the carpet was affected then. His wife has lived in the same spot for more than 25 years and says this is the worst flooding has ever been.

Several residents say they are packing up for good because they can’t risk having another flood happen again.


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  1. old resident says:

    Having been born in Brookings 60 years ago, and lived here all my life, I have seen the Chetco flood numerous times. Several years in the late 50’s and early 60’s the Chetco river itself would rise 2 to 3 feet over the Northbank Road for extended periods of time. The area where the Riverside RV Resort is today could be under 10 feet of water easily. One only needs to ask those residents that lived in this area about the rath of Mother Nature and the ever changing route of the river. The little market 3 and 1/2 miles up the Chetco was once a home where my father used his boat to rescue 3 children in that home. They were standing on the kitchen counter and the river level was over the door knobs……..
    The cyclone storm known as the “Columbus Day Storm” of 1962 was by far the worst with the high winds and rains that flooded many rivers in Oregon and in particular the Chetco. One need only “google” this info to learn of this history.
    So yes, this recent storm has dropped a great deal of rain causing problems for the residents in curry county. But, one need only look back in history to understand why flood insurance is not available for those that want to live on the river…….

  2. Jenn Bly says:

    The cardinal fithwheel in the video is my sisters. She was out of two in visiting me and my family when she got the call to evucaute. Unfortunately she was unable to get her trailer moved. But luckly the water did not go inside her trailer. We have many close friends at the river park, there all in our prayers.

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