Flirting With Records

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Although Medford didn’t set a record today, many locations in southern Oregon and northern California did see record setting heat.  It is important to remember that the “records” we saw today are considered unofficial until they confirmed by the National Weather Service.  Triple digit highs were not uncommon in the Rogue Valley or northern California, with the hottest temperatures in Merlin and Happy Camp.  Both locations hit 109 at their mesonet sites this afternoon.

Along with the heat, isolated thunderstorms have been a concern for fire danger.  We have already seen a few on radar this evening.  Storms with frequent lightning and little rainfall are possible once again tonight and tomorrow along and east of the Cascades, as well as northern California.  Because of this, a Fire Weather Warning is in effect this evening through Wednesday for Siskiyou, Modoc, Klamath, Lake, and a small eastern portion of Jackson County.

While temperatures will drop about ten degrees for tomorrow, most locations will still see highs above average for the next several days.  The Fourth of July still looks to be a lovely day with mostly sunny skies, but the warm weather will stick around for the holiday and holiday weekend.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna


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  1. Mike Krebs says:

    We are National weather service station JA98, and we had a reading of 104.7 today in Wimer. Just thought you’d be interested. We also have a weather station posted to the Weather Underground: KORROGUE3.


    1. Kate McKenna says:

      Thanks for the information. We appreciate it!

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