Flea Market Re-Opens After Gov. Shutdown

flea market

MEDFORD, Ore. — The government shutdown is over, but it is still affecting some businesses a month later.

The Medford Flea Market uses the armory once a month to host their market.  However because of the shutdown last month, the Oregon National Guard needed the space for their monthly training, and this left the Medford Flea Market homeless.

This month they are back up and running as usual, but both the vendors and the market owners said the cancellation cost them money.

The flea market has been around for more than 40 years and has only closed two other times before, once due to a flood, and once due to a wild fire.

The owners of the flea market had to call each vendor individually and tell them about the cancelation.

They also spent money on advertisements to inform the public about the cancellation.  Overall, they said the closure cost them money.

“I can take a wild shot and say we were out a couple thousand, which not having to pay what we pay a day here for the armory — it helped and hurt at the same time,” said Medford Flea Market owner, Dennis Nelson.

The flea market pays the National Guard Armory $1,200 a day to rent out the space so they said they did save that money that way, but by the time they rent out tables to vendors and charge and entry fee they make a profit, a profit they lost out on last month.