Flag Bill Ready for Governor’s Signature

Flag BillROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Flags are on display across the Rogue Valley for the Flag Day holiday, and soon you could be seeing a lot more of old glory all year round.

Governor Kitzhaber is expected to sign a bill that would require all school classrooms to display a flag. Chandler Cort is a recent graduate from Rogue River High School, and the inspiration behind the bill.

Court says he petitioned his school to recite the pledge when he realized the law only required that schools provide the “opportunity” to do so once a week.

Two years later that issue is on the governor’s desk. Rules around reciting the pledge aren’t changing, but every classroom will have to display the stars and stripes.

“It’s not a gay or straight thing; it’s not a black or white thing; it’s an American thing. I mean, that’s something we all are, we’re all American,” Cort says.

The bill also extends flag and pledge requirements to charter schools, which were previously exempt. Schools that have to obtain flags can usually get them for free from services like the VFW and American Legion.