Five People Qualify To Be Excluded

ASHLAND, Ore. — Five people are on the list to be banned from downtown Ashland. The police chief said the majority of the violators have failed repeatedly to show up to court.

These individuals have been breaking various city rules, like defecating in public, trespassing or furnishing alcohol to a minor. Two out of five have been transients.

“I think only one of them didn’t take it well, but we haven’t had any uses of force related to that and some of them have accepted the service,” said Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness.

The exclusion zone ordinance took effect in July. Those cited get a pamphlet from officers listing all of the violations and rules under the new law.


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  1. milt says:

    I think that is BS how can you ban someone from going into a town
    whatever happen to our rights damn people how did you ever let this happen my God.
    are you that f*** ing stupid give them a ticket lock them up if they get out of line but denie
    someone the God given right to walk the streets is WRONG.
    I will not ever be in Assland again if it is so comunistic. WRONG WRONG WRONG

    1. milt says:

      why is my comment waiting for moderation can’t the truth be told and freedom of speech
      HELLO are my words to harsh or are they just what someone dosen’t want to hear.
      Can you tell me????????????

      1. Newswatch 12 Staff says:

        All of our comments go through an approval process. Please be patient.

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