Bus Crash Kills Nine and Injures Dozens

NEAR PENDLETON, Ore. — Police and rescue crews responded to a bus crash on I-84 near milepost 228 east of Pendleton Sunday morning. According to a press release, the bus to crashed through a guardrail and over an embankment.

Nine people are confirmed dead and approximately 26 people have been transported to St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton.

Officials confirm the charter bus appears to be carrying an estimated 40 people. Police believe the Mi Joo Tour and Travel Bus was on a return trip from Las Vegas to Canada.

The bus driver survived the crash, but police have been unable to speak with the person because of the severity of the injuries. Police say the names of the passengers will not be released Sunday.


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  1. Geoff says:

    FIRST OFF: I’m sorry people had to die. Second point: INSPECT these private coaches and REQUIRE more qualified drivers…and pay them what they’re worth.. There is a pattern that is forming here; gambling, long overnight drives, non stop, no sleep, one driver…..disaster awaits. Then we have the people that get stuck behind the mess, unable to get warm, run out of food fuel and water…no, these messes ALWAYS impact others. This is exactly where we get off on requiring greater scrutiny in the case of Gambling Junket Tours….you never have a bus accident that doesn’t impact many others. The worst part of these accidents is the lack of language skills; far too often these travelers don’t speak English..they’re part of the community of Chinese speaking emigrants from Hong Kong. This slows down EMS response, medical response and ties up the investigation. I’m only too sorry that thousands of people got re-routed in this miserable weather, to go round Mt.Hood , Government Camp, Sandy, etc…on their way back to Portland or elsewhere.. Prey for the lost souls and the quick recovery of the wounded. May this serve as a lesson to bus drivers: SLOW THE FREAK DOWN WHEN ON ICE AND SNOW….WHAT’S THE PROBLEM??

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