Fiscal Cliff Delays Oregon Taxes

SALEM, Ore. — The IRS has already announced that federal tax filing season will be delayed by about a week due to the fiscal cliff debate.

On Thursday, the Oregon Department of Revenue also said their tax processing season will get a later start than usual this year, due to the fiscal cliff. Oregon cannot process electronically filed returns until the IRS opens its electronic filing system.

In the meantime, the Oregon Department of Revenue suggests preparing paperwork to help prevent delays in processing your return. You can find out what your bank routing numbers are so you can use direct deposit for your refund. Make sure you have proof of expenses you plan to claim for deductions and credits.

Complete your federal tax returns first, because you will need that information to fill out your state return, but they want to remind you that you cannot fill out any returns until you receive your W-2s.

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  1. Diane Abel says:

    As of 01/18/13 the Salem IRS office did not have either the 1040 forms or the instruction books out yet. I hate to waste another trip. The website does not give any indication as to when they might be available. Would you have any idea? Thank you.

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