First Responders Discuss Criado Case

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MEDFORD, Ore. — First responders say Monday’s sentencing hearing was emotional for them as well. Some of those sitting in the stands had been among the crews that originally responded to Criado’s home.

Emergency crews responded to what they thought was going to be a typical house fire. What they found is what Police Chief Tim George is calling the single biggest multiple homicide case in Jackson County history.

Police Chief Tim George described the initial scene as utter chaos. Crews arrived at the house shortly after 9:30 a.m. They say it looked like any other structure fire and approached it with a typical response. Once inside, it went from a routine operation to a serious medical situation in a matter of seconds.

Multiple crews worked together to get the victims out of the house while at the same time putting out the fire. They say despite the fact that lives were lost, everybody did exactly what they were supposed to do at the exact right time, but police chief tim george says its something you still never get over.

“You never get over those, you just get on with it. Eventually you get back to work and do the best that you can, but those kinds of cases stay with you forever. The memories stay forever,” said Chief George.

Many of the responders have since been given mental health training and couseling.