First Peaches Ready for Picking

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TALENT, Ore. – Juicy, red peaches fell off the trees Tuesday at the first annual Sugar Plum Acres “U-pick” event.

Sugar Plum Acres is a family owned and operated 16-acre farm that’s hosted U-pick’s for more than three decades. Peaches this year will cost 60 cents a pound for up to 75 pounds. The farm owners asked people to bring their own containers to take fruit home. They also said it’s best to carry peaches in boxes or containers no more than two feet deep, to prevent bruising.

The Sugar Plum Acres owners said they will have more U-pick days through the summer months that ripe peaches are still available. You can check updates on their future U-pick dates here. The farm will host pepper and tomato pickings in August.

First Annual Peach U-pick

8:30 – 12:00 P.M.

Sugar Plum Acres

1850 Pioneer Rd.

Talent, OR 97540

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    Please let me know about u pick days! Thanks! Kris

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