First Flu Cases Confirmed

flu shotMEDFORD, Ore. — Providence Medical Center is reporting what appears to be the first confirmed flu cases of the season for Jackson County. There have been 35 total in the state.

Jackson County health experts say the disease usually starts showing up in late January to early February. Each year, the flu vaccine is made based on which strains are expected to be most common. Doctors at Providence say last year’s vaccine wasn’t as effective as they hoped, but this year should be different.

“This year as far as I know the vaccine is a better match with the expected bugs, but whether or not we have a big or a small flu epidemic really depends on how many people get immunized,” said Dr. John Jackson at Providence Medical Center.

Jackson says he has seen demand for the flu vaccine go up in recent years. He also says it’s still too early to predict the severity of this flu season.

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  1. Citizen A says:

    Has the flu vaccine reached the billion dollar mark yet?

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