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MEDFORD, Ore. — There are several candidates who plan to run for the position of sheriff in Jackson County in the May 2014 primary. The current sheriff of Jackson County, Mike Winters, plans to run this coming May. So far, two people plan to run against him.

Lieutenant Bob Sergi with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office filed his papers for the race on Thursday morning. Sergi has 34 years of law enforcement experience and has worked for three different police agencies in his career. Among his goals, he wants to bring more deputies to the county.

“Because of my experience, education, training, I think I can run the sheriff’s office effectively,” stated Lt. Sergi.

Sheriff Winters has over 11 years of experience as sheriff. Under his multiple terms, he’s helped build a new 911 center and implemented the recent Shady Cove School security system.

One negative event that occurred during this past year was when an inmate escaped under his watch. The last time an inmate escaped from the jail was the 1980’s. Sheriff Winters says he does not think that will have an impact this coming election.

“I leave that up to the voters. I mean, I have a strong, strong record to stand on with accomplishments I can match. I’d math my record with any sheriff in the United States,” said Sheriff Mike Winters.

A third competitor is expected to be Ashland Deputy Chief Corey Falls. Falls has served in law enforcement for 15 years, with both administration and patrol experience.

He’s also a member of the Medford SWAT Team. NewsWatch 12 tried contacting him on Wednesday, but NewsWatch12 was informed that he was at a training. The deadline to file for a place in the primary election is March.

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  1. rick says:

    GREAT somebody to replace Winters. What about the law suit HE lost and we the tax payers had to pay for? What about his views on ommp? These guy’s got my vote.

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