First Born Baby of the New Year

NEWYEARBABYGRANTS PASS, Ore. – The parents of the first baby in Southern Oregon of 2014 are saying — it’s a girl!

Alicia and Eric welcomed their baby into the world at 9:42 Wednesday morning. At 7 pounds, 4 ounces, Aiyana is the first baby of the year. Her parents said they chose her name after the Native American word meaning “forever blossoming.”

“It’s exciting, and amazing, we didn’t expect it at all. It was last moment notice that she was going to be induced last night so to find out she was going to be the first baby was very, very exciting” said Eric, the new father.

After a long day the new parents said they were resting while they still had a quiet moment in the hospital. Alicia gave birth at Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass. The first baby of the year was given a gift basket along with gift cards for her special birthday.

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  1. FRED says:

    Supposedly native american (meaning eternal bloom) but more likley from the African or Indian continents.
    In Sanskrit ‘ayana’ means eternal and it also has to do with the solstice. The word Ayan appears in Hindu. Digging a little deeper the word appears to have roots in a word, again probably Sanskrit, meaning, line of travel, path or approach.

    Pretty name none the less.

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