Fireworks Scare and Stress Pets

pet safetyPHOENIX, Ore. — Animal shelters are usually busy this time of year with runaway pets. Stressed out dogs can dart off after hearing the loud bangs from fireworks. But Jackson County Animal Shelter officials are impressed with pet owners this year. Only one dog was brought into the shelter on July 5th. But the shelter did answer about a dozen phone calls from people who found dogs the day after the holiday.

They’re pointing some of those people to Craigslist. If you find a dog, posting a photo on the site could help the owner find it. But you’re urged to keep something from the posting. For example, if you find a dog with a collar, maybe remove it only for the photo. Then if anyone inquires about the pet, you can test them on the color of the collar.

Fireworks will continue to be set off throughout the weekend, so be sure to keep your dog contained. “Dogs’ hearing is much more sensitive than our hearing. So just imagine, if the fireworks seem loud to you, they’re probably four to six times louder to the dogs and even louder to cats,” said Rebecca Long with the shelter.

The shelter was able to match up at least half of the lost dogs with their owners this weekend. But if the dogs are at the shelter for more than four days without contact by the owner, the animals become property of the shelter.