Fire Officials Inspect Fireworks Tents

6-23 fireworks sales

WHITE CITY, Ore. — Fire District 3 was out inspecting firework vendors tents on the first day fireworks can be legally sold in Oregon. The first day of sales may be Monday, but manager Jim Ford said opening takes days of perpetration.

“The larger tents take a long time to set up and get all the products in and stock and products,” said Ford.

Oregon has strict laws outlining what fireworks are legal. Only fireworks which don’t travel more than a foot in the air or six feet horizontally or fly in the air or explode are legal. Despite the tight parameters Ford’s tent has about 150 different products.

“We’ve got a lot of the crackles, the pops, we’ve got a lot of new stuff out this year and we really try promote the new stuff because why do you want to see the same thing you’ve already seen,” said Ford.

Those new products are part of the reason inspections are done, helping assure no added risks will be present during and already high fire danger level.

“When these guys are selling the fireworks here in our area, they’re only selling Oregon legal fireworks,” said Medford Fire Inspector Samantha Metheny.

Metheny said there are some legal fireworks that can still pose hazards, mainly the type that can spin uncontrollably.

“They bounce off of different this and they can launch off into different directions and take off.  They also shoot off sparks and things like that, so, anywhere where you’re not near dry grass would be a great idea,” said Metheny

Both fire officials and vendors know fireworks are a national tradition and just want users to have a fun and safe Independence Day.

“It’s also a good time for family fun and it’s been that way for many years and is a tradition. I think it’s more of a tradition now for family than anything. But, it’s about having fun and doing it safely,” said Ford.