Fireworks for a Cause

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MEDFORD, Ore. — As the Fourth of July approaches, fireworks stands are competing for your business.  Dozens are set up across the Rogue Valley, but it’s not all about who can sell the most fireworks.  Many of those stands have a cause behind sales.

Most stands are donating their proceeds to a good cause. Some stands are set up as fundraisers for high school bands, basketball teams, and other school clubs.  Some are set up by churches, raising money for kids to go to church camp and other ministries.

The Phoenix High School band has their tent set up by Rays Food Place along Highway 99.  This is the fourth year they have the tent set up.

From donations alone, they’ve already raised close to $1,000, and that’s not even including the money they get for selling fireworks.

TNT Fireworks approached the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce four years ago about opening up a stand, and the band has handled the fireworks ever since.  They’ve been able to raise the funds for new uniforms, band camp, and travel expenses.

“The students outside of the tent are actually promoting the tent, trying to make a good impression on people driving by, and everything… so we get more people understanding what we are doing,” said Jacob Caster, Phoenix High School band member.

Another firework stand set up across town is the Discount Fireworks tent in south Medford.

This tent, along with several others dotted around the Rogue Valley, raises money for local ministries to help feed and clothe the less fortunate.  It also pays for kids to go to church camp.

Fire officials said to use caution when lighting fireworks.  Make sure you set them off in safe and legal area and somewhere that is away from flammable objects.