Fireworks Clean Up Aftermath At Don Jones Park

By Sharon Ko

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Fourth of July is over, but city crews are dealing with the mess left behind.

Central Point Parks and Recreation took pictures of that mess. In the pictures, there’s garbage scattered everywhere in the park, with water bottles and firework wrappers. City crews say they expect a mess after the Fourth of July, but this year, it was the location of the mess that was the problem; many people left spent fireworks over the water park.

Thousands of kids come out to the park during the summer to play, and those tiny pieces of paper can clog up the drains. Crews spent more time on Don Jones Park than any other park in Central Point this year. A spokeswoman says they will be discussing with the parks commission to see if the park should be closed next year.

The Medford City Council is also dealing with the fireworks aftermath. Council members say people were shooting off illegal fireworks all through the night. The Medford City Council is in discussion to change city policies working with the fire and police chief.