Firework Stands Opening Soon

fireworkMEDFORD, Ore. — With the Fourth of July just around the corner, firework stands are popping up around the city.   Even though they cannot open until June 23, they’re getting ready.

Discount Fireworks has multiple locations on the outskirts of Medford.  At one location, they worked all day unloading thousands of fireworks into their tent.  Those fireworks went from boxes to shelves where they will sit and wait until Sunday.

Firework stands will only sell legal fireworks.  In Oregon, it is illegal to have fireworks that explode, fly into the air, travel more than 12 inches vertically, and 6ft horizontally.  Legal fireworks include, sparklers, ground blooms, fountains, etc.

“Use them in an unburnable area, gravel, concrete, green grass on your lawn… those places where you would usually have a very low risk,” said Brian Ballou of the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Ashland Fire Marshal Margueritte Hickman said she’s called out to roughly a half dozen fires a year caused by fireworks.

Firework stands will be open through July 6.  Fire officials say they will be on the look-out this year for illegal fireworks.  Anyone who violates the local or state laws regarding fireworks could be fined up to $150 per violation.