Firework Pet Safety

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The Fourth of July can be one of the most stressful times for a pet.  Whether it be a cat, dog, or horse, animals are sensitive to sound.

Veterinarians can prescribe tranquilizer pills and other animal sedatives to help calm your pets during the Fourth of July holiday.  It’s something that is becoming common among pet owners according to All Creatures veterinarian Liana Dallmann.

In preparation of the upcoming holiday, she said she prescribes up to 50 bottles of tranquilizer pills a day for animals who need it.

“They start freaking out, and they shake uncontrollably, and they try to run and hide but they are shaking so bad I’m afraid they are going to have a stroke,” said chihuahua owner Daunis Herendez.

Other dog owners like Roberta Phillips, who owns a terrier, say they just let their dogs work out the stress on their own.

Dallmann said firework stress is not prolonged.  On average it lasts a couple of days but will go away on it’s own.

To keep your pet calm during the fireworks, Dallmann said don’t take them to a firework display. If you are setting fireworks off outside of your house, put your animal in a quiet room, and if neccessary, turn the TV or radio on  low to help drown out the booming noise.  If your animal is used to being in a crate, put them there. Dallmann said this makes them feel safe and at home. Exercise also helps.

The firework noise could also scare your pet and cause it to run away.  During the Fourth of July there is an increase according to Dallmann.  She said make sure your animal has I.D. tags or a microchip.  If your animal does run away, check with neighbors and call the Sheriff’s Office or Animal Control.