Firewood Project at Lake of the Woods

Klam FirewoodLAKE OF THE WOODS, Ore. — Recent warm weather may have many people thinking more of air conditioning than home heating, but a project in Klamath County means hundreds of basin residents should be warmer this coming winter.

Community Corrections clients from Klamath County trekked to Lake of the Woods on Tuesday to load up several cords of firewood that will go out to Basin families next fall and winter.

The project is a co-operative agreement with the Forest Service, the Klamath-Lake Community Action Services, and LDS Church volunteer, who felled the trees and cut up most of the logs for loading this week.

“If it weren’t for this, we’d have to pay the client directly to go get their own wood, which isn’t very feasible, or good for the disabled or senior folks,” said Rob Petchell, with Klamath-Lake Community Action.

The corrections clients are working off fines or doing community service with this project. The wood will be taken to a wood yard near the Klamath County Jail where it will be split and stacked for drying and storage. It will then be delivered to needy clients next fall and winter.