Firefighters Push for Ballot Measure

PHOENIX, Ore. — Ballot measure 15 -112 would allow Fire District 5 a bond worth 1.8 million dollars to improve and replace equipment at the Phoenix, Talent and Ashland stations.

Saturday morning, some firefighters from Fire District 5 canvassed neighborhoods in the Phoenix area handing out pamphlets with information on the ballot measure.
Opponents of the measure say Fire District 5 has been extravagant and wasteful while fire officials say they haven’t asked for something like this in more than 30 years.

“A lot of our engines are really old. Some of them are 32 years old and even our front lines are between 17 and 6 years old and they have a lot of mechanical issues and maintenance issues and cost the district a lot of money,” said Captain Aaron Bustard with Fire District 5.

Fire officials say the money will be used to buy 3 new engines as well as other equipment. Fire district 5 covers 115 square miles including about 25,000 residents in southern Oregon.