Firefighters & Crews get BIG “Thank You”

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YREKA, Calif., — Tuesday morning Liana Wilson put up a Facebook post asking for people to help make signs to thank the firefighters. By 6:00, Tuesday night, more than a dozen people were in the back parking lot of Siskiyou Central Credit Union with paint brushes, crayons, and poster paper in hand.

For more than an hour the crafty and grateful bunch created “thank you” signs for the firefighters and support staff which are camped at the nearby high school.

People are invited to stop by the Siskiyou Central Credit Union in Yreka through Friday to sign posters which will be delivered to firefighters.

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  1. Stanley Krute says:

    Erin Maxson, thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job telling this story. You are very skilled, and that skill is guided by a very large heart.

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