Firefighters Caution on Controlled Burns

brunMEDFORD, Ore. — Fire crews say they receive more calls this time of year regarding out of controlled burns than any other. They say people do not understand how dry it is, especially this year, and that they are underestimating what fire can do.

Fire fighters say certain plants and grasses, including blackberry bushes and juniper trees are especially susceptible to fire and will light up faster and hotter than other outdoor greenery.

When starting a controlled burn officials say to make sure it’s a burn day, use common sense, and follow the burn regulations in place by your local fire department.

“A lot of times they try to burn too much fuel and it’s out of hand and it’s too much for what they can do,” said Fire District 5 Fire Captain Bryan Dorris.

Fire fighters say make if you are doing a controlled burn, make sure to have a garden hose ready, and make sure there is someone at the burn site at all times.