Firefighter Hopefuls Apply For Jackson County Fire District 3

By Rob Scott

MEDFORD, Ore. — On Wednesday, 16 firefighter hopefuls continued their application process to become interns with Jackson County Fire District 3 in the third year of the program. Jackson County Fire District 3 has nine openings for interns to come on in September.

The internship program lasts two years and gives first hand experience into what it’s like to work side by side firefighters on the scene of an incident. The program gives each intern up to $15,000 to cover tuition and books while they study at a community college.

While the program doesn’t guarantee the recruits will become firefighters, the program has had success; the first three interns of the program got hired on by their second year. Captain Cohee says that it is a very competitive career to get into, but the intern program is a great first step to becoming a firefighter.

On Tuesday night, the hopeful interns took a written test and today they had a formal interview and a physical test. Jackson County fire will compile a ranking off these results and continue the process of selecting the lucky nine applicants.