Firefighter Hat Loaned to 9/11 Memorial

Firefighter Helmet Donated to MemorialSEIAD VALLEY, Calif. – A retired New York City firefighter whose brother died in the September 11th terrorist attacks is helping preserve his memory and helping an upcoming memorial pay tribute to the victims.

Ralph Geidel spent weeks at ground zero digging through rubble and searching for his brother, Gary, a firefighter with New York’s Rescue 1 who died while saving people from the twin towers.

As Ralph helped in the search, he wore an old leather fireman’s helmet with a picture of Gary pasted on it. Ralph is now loaning that helmet to the upcoming 9/11 Memorial and Museum, which is set to open in New York next Spring.

Ralph and his wife Barbara have helped organize 9/11 memorial events for several years in the tiny town of Seiad Valley, located near the Klamath River. The couple traveled to New York for the 10th anniversary of the attacks in 2011, where Barbara read names of the victims at the day’s ceremony at ground zero.