Fire Watchers on Soda Mountain

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SODA MOUNTAIN, Ore. — With a forecast of possible thunderstorms over the next couple days in our area, fire lookouts on mountain ridges are on alert.

Combine that with fire danger now listed as extreme, lookouts like Robbie DuBray at Soda Mountain will be extra vigilant.

DuBray is a relief lookout at soda mountain following the retirement last year of 25-year veteran lookout, ken struck. DuBray says the solitude of his mountain-top station is broken by the views, and occasional visits from hikers.

“The weekends are a little bit busier. We’re right on the Pacific Crest Trail, so a lot of people out for a day hike, hiking on the PCT trail stop up to check it out, see the view,” said DuBray.

DuBray rotates his 10-day schedule with four days here and six days on the other side of the district at Robinson Butte. He says with possible lightning storms forecast, he expects to spend extra time watching for strikes and possible fires later this week.